Patriarchy at its peak

India is a diverse country. People belonging to various religions, caste, creed speaking different languages reside here. India is the only country with the highest rates of poverty in the world. One of the major outcome of this poverty is vast illiteracy, unemployment. India has also excelled in multiple fields like entertainment, space, sports and what not. But the fact that in matters of mentality progression India is always lacking behind. ‘Patriarchy’ is something which is followed all across the world throughout generations. It is also followed in India. Lets understand this! Patriarchy in India is far more diverse in nature than other countries. It is a sort of culture in India which is imposed upon women if India. Women here are judged in every aspect of their life. Be it clothing, the way they eat, sleep, walk etc are all being questioned here. A country having hinduism as its major religion and belief has its roots in feminism. It is a sole religion which worships women in forms of devis. Despite this women here are being oppressed, tortured, mocked, ridiculed, judged, forced to follow a certain norm they don’t intend to follow. Be it in the name of religion or appearance or poverty or just because they are women, women are just the victims here to a list of big and small crimes. India ranks 3rd highest in matters of crimes related to women. I am not here to blame India or point fingers at it but the recent Kathua and Unnao rape cases have provoked me to speak. The brutality shown in one of these crimes, and the evil use of power in the other is a major reason why India is always said to be in ‘progress’ and not ‘progressed’. A woman born, a 6 month girl child, 8 year old, an 18 year old, 28 year old, or even 58 year old women are being raped in India. Imagine! Waking up to the news of rapes of minor girl child. You yourself being a father, mother, brother, sister of a little girl. Apart from rapes a lot more heinous crimes like dowry death, bride burning, eve teasing, acid attacks, murders all of them take place every single hour here. Not just this you will be astonished to hear that when questioned people blame women for this they point fingers at women for wearing attractive clothes, makeup. But how can a 6 month child, 8 year old attract you to rape her..? Women are bound to a long long long list of limitations starting from what to wear, where to go, when to go, even how walk, talk, and sit. Certain educated men understand and support women and are feminists as well but women here are patriarchal. Imagine a women blaming her daughter for getting raped. The mentality of people here never transforms even after decades and ages of education. Civilised, well educated people think in an irrational manner. Women here do n’t have guns over their heads to follow a certain thinking but they naturally evolve as patriarchal. Who is to be blamed..? Politicians speak unacceptable dialogues putting this off as a mistake done by young men. Would you spare him if it was done to any of your family members..? Nope but its okay if it happens to your opponent. People striving hard for progress in India must admit the fact that the degraded thinking can never take you to heights you dreamt of.. Politicians don’t divide people but people themselves here have chosen this for themselves they’ve build massive hatred for one another in their hearts. Its high time that we take a stand to cease these happenings by changing the way we think, unite against this brutality and end this because if not now then when..? and if not us then who..? as today its me tommorrow its you. Would like to end this blog by this little motivational piece, ‘Lagegi aag toh aayengey kahi ghar zad mei. lagegi aag toh aayengey kahi ghar zad mei, ‘IS SHEHAR MEI SIRF HAMAARA MAKAAN THODI HAI’.


Ramzan-The most awaited time of the year

  1. Ramzan the atmost awaited, wonderful, soothing, serene, and amazing time of the year. You can never get enough of it, it is solely a month which is named by ‘Allah’ rest all of the islamic months are named by ‘Sahabis’. It is a month in which the gates of ‘heaven’ are opened and the gates of ‘hell are closed. The five pillars of Islam which are the foundation of Islam are supposed to be followed here. Apart from that there is special prayer named ‘tahajjud’ which is to be performed in 1/3 of the night which is the best way to get your prayers answered. The five pillars of Islam which is the constant fasting, praying, reciting of quran, distribution of sadqa, and performing all of the good deeds makes ramzan the most special of all. It is indeed the favourite month ‘Allah’. There’s so much to this fantastic, marvellous, extra ordinary month that cannot be framed into simple or ordinary words. The holy book of ‘Quran’ was gifted to muslims this month. All of your good as well as bad deeds are multiplied by 70 this month. When a muslim performs a fast he is saved from the hell fire, he is forgiven for his sins, he gets closer to lord and what not. The first ten days of ramzan are of mercy. The second ten days are of forgiveness. The last ten days are a saviour from the fire of hell and are regarded as the most crucial as in these last ten days there is night of decree which is better than a thousand months muslims are supposed to find in the odd dates. The fasting, praying and constant remembrance of the lord provides physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and innumerable benefits proved by science as well to all those who fast. This is indeed the most greatest month for all muslims to get closer to their lord and build a stronger faith.